Made to order

Often there are special requirements which require specific solutions. We cut, insulate, crimp and block. We can provide a wide variety of cables to your specification.

Check how we do it

Step one – Cut

First we measure selected cable and cut it to your specifications. Each roll contains 100 meters of textile cable. You can order cable in one piece, rolled onto reels or decided to order customized to your needs cable. Every piece is carefully inspected, cut and prepared for easy assembly to your projects.

Step two -Thermal treatment

When the cable is already cut, is necessary to secure the braid, to avoid slide from the wire. How to do it professionally? Apply thermal treatment - intensively heat both ends. Thanks to this, fabric cover (made mostly of cotton, Polypropylene or polyethylene) tight at its ends and prevent from slipping.

Step three - Secure the ends

Third step is to professionally secure the ends of the cable and adapt them to the requirements of other electrical equipment. In practice, we secure ends of the wire with special sleeves. Their role is to create a Reliable and strong connection between the lamp and the lamp elements.

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